Sunday, January 17, 2010

Final #'s For 2009

Its been almost 7 weeks since my last bike ride.... I think I might be ready to ride again..
I am feeling a bit better lately.. My Physio guy thinks stretches and exersize might fix the Sports hernia that he thinks I have.. I am not yet convinced about that but there is/was some goofy shit going on in my hip...

I am thinking about riding to work again on Tuesday, Why Tuesday?? because thats when my next physio appt is...Teo will see first hand what is going on if riding to work messes it up. I feel like an ass when he asks whats wrong and its not currently hurting.. sometimes I think its rotting away from the inside out and other times it feels perfectly fine.

So I have the Final #'s in from last year.. The bike riding summary is as follows

Total Days that I rode my bike...99 out of 365 = 27% of the days
Total Days that I rode to work...85 out of 365 = 23% of the days
Total Km's = 1971.7
Most Km's in 1 month = 402km (September)
Longest ride in 1 day = 82km (almost to Port Stanley)
85 of 99 rides were Commutes to work = 85% of the rides
Close calls with Cars / Busses = 4
Flat tires = 2
MTB Rides = 6
Times I was passed by another bike rider = 2
Times I passed another rider = over 20
Rides With Son = 7
Rides with Daughter = 6 (Trail a Bike)
Compliments on my reflective visibility and safe riding style = 2
Parts replaced on bike = (1) Grips.

Modifications through out year. = Added red tires after 500km untill fall, added lots of reflective tape to front and rear of bike. Painted a few small parts red to match tires. Added flashlight zip tied to bars. Added Grips (White) Switched tires to urban Knobby tread in late fall. Added Front fender in fall (Vintage fender from old womens ccm 700c wheels hybrid that I saw in the garbage. Trail a bike seatpost attachment.

Next post will be after Tues....
SS out