Monday, February 8, 2010

1st Ride of 2010

Finally.....The bike is back in motion.
I decided to test myself today by going for an easy 5km ride. I am happy to say I did not re-injure myself, however I do still have a lingering issue. Today at physio it was decided that I may have at least 1-2 bulging discs in my lower back, this is causing the leg nerves (right leg) to become irritated and cause the Hip / Thigh / Groin / pain I have been feeling. I was given new stretches and told to keep my spine as upright as I can.. So far so good.
I did just over 5km and it felt great to be back on the bike. I tried to take it easy and not push to hard, this was harder than I thought. I wanted to go fast, flow around the corners fight the wind and pass the cars that were going slow.
I got home and promptly did 10min of stretching. My leg felt weak and the muscles felt tight. The pain went away after the stretching and I was happy. I still have some pain on my sit bone and along the muscle that attaches to it running down the inner thigh but I Think with stretching an correcting my posture I should be ok.
I will take my change of clothes and shower items to work tommorow so I am prepared at work when I do commute to work again.
The bike seemed fine and had no issues to speak of.
The weather here for the rest of the week is calling for a large amount of snow, I won't be riding while the roads are snow covered for a few reasons....

1 Traction issues with the bike and the cars on the road...

2 I am pretty sure riding in the snow is much slower than the bare road so i dont think I will get to work on time..and

Finally I really dont want to rush during my ride and hammer on the pedals too hard because I think this will re-injure myself again.

So There you have it.. I am back to riding, Wooohooo!
As soon as the snow clears off the roads again I will be out there with the rest of you riders...keep it up!
SS Out.

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