Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Totals for 2010

2700 kms TOTAL
all on above bike

122 commutes to work
9.65 km one way to work
9.65 km one way home from work

10 for fun rides

1 Cat seen hit by car
1 Dog seen hit by car
1 replaced derailer cable [worn]
1 replaced pair of Grips [Worn] 6000kms
1 replaced [broken chain x2] 6000kms
1 replaced [Worn] cassette 6000kms
1 replaced [Worn]big chainring up front
3 flat tires [tack-red {front} / unknown - Black {back}x2]
3 close calls [Buses 2 times / Aborted looong wheelie]
1 repaired bungie strap
1 replaced bungie strap
1 Thermal Coolmax Shirt LOST
5+ students almost hit
2 races lost - too many to count won
1 non rider convereted to daily rider (72-yrs old)
3 days riden in Snow
12 days riden in rain

Fastest Ride to Work....
27.31 km/h average - 21.13 time

Average ride to Work....
25.42km/h average - 22.54 time

Fastest Ride Home From Work....
29.11 km/h average - 19.53 time

Average ride home from Work....
25.25km/h average - 23.21 time

All Data recorded with logyourrun.com and cyclemeter app for iphone

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