Sunday, December 6, 2009

Expired health Card!?!?

I am pretty sure what my hip issue is...

I looks like it is a rather common injury and I will be able to recover with only Stretches and Physical Therapy. (Self Diagnosis)

However in this article it says I should stop cycling...

I agree but I can't let the 2000km mark slip out of my reach.

I will Ride Tomorrow and see how things feel. If I feel ok I will play hockey as well. If not I will hold off on the cycling for a while. If I ride tomorrow I will only need 56 more kms to hit 2000 km's (There Might be snow on the ground!! I'm excited!)

Oh ya the part about the health card... I took it out of my wallet to make sure I had it ready for a Dr. visit..... its expired!! I will have to go downtown sometime this week to get it renewed, Then I will put in a call to the Fine Dr's at the Fowler Clinic..

I am Bummed to be injured but happy that I should be ok in the long run

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