Friday, December 4, 2009

Injury Recovery Mode

I think I have over worked and under stretched my leg Muscles. I think my hip issue is related and after an hour long massage of my right thigh last night it feels 1000% better!. I need to find a good set of stretches to do after riding....hmmmm.
Ok I found this that I am going to try tomorrow..

I will post how this helps, I have high hopes..

My last ride home was an Interesting was Thursday night approx 4:50 as I rode through campus.. There was about 8 cars in a loading spot near SSC , the same spot usually only has 3 cars at it..I was wearing my Safety glasses so I could see as it was Dark due to the heavy cloud cover and drizzle. There wasn't any thing too exciting until I got to Highbury and Cheapside.. these things always happen in 3's ....

I had to pass a parked car on its left while there was heavy traffic also in my direction. it made me think " Why is there a parking spot here?? it is approx 300M from the closest structure of any kind, it is exactly in the bike path and serves no purpose. I always see cars at this spot in the mornings and wonder " WTF is a car doing parked there??" I assume it is Fanshawe students getting a free semi close to school parking spot... its Dumb and I thought I should write a letter to the city and get these spots removed.
They are the only parking spots on the whole stretch of road for a long ways, they are not close to anything, they are in the bike path, there have been head on crashes in that very spot recently (there was no car in the parking spot at the time).

2. A Red Monte Carlo pulled out of fanshawe parking lot right in front of me. I was watching him and knew he hadn't seen me so I slowed down ....then slowed a bunch more...Came to a stop. The Monte Carlo did not see me at all. The driver only saw me as he looked left once he was already entirely in my lane, when he finally did see me I was standing on the ground with 2 feet and my front tire was approx 1 foot from his car....He looked shocked as Both my headlights lit up his face...

3 Second St. right in front of the school a object was barley noticeable in the bike lane ahead of me.... As i caught up to it I thought it was a stroller, no wait a small golf a 4 wheeled scooter???... no it was a small 4 wheeled pedal bike. it looked like it was off a merry go round. I told the Driver/rider that he needed a light and was invisible from behind.. he yelled back and said he did have a light. he seemed very agitated too.. like he was sick of people honking at him for being extremely hard to be seen. it looked like the picture except no roof and I think it had more "Body" panels on it (It was Dark) The Bike Did have a large front light on but I could not see it at all from the back.

Some Pictures of how I look at night. As you can see I am a fan of the reflective tape. There is a red blinkie attached the the left rear dropout but the reflective tape over powers it and it is very hard to see in the picture..The small white stripe between my legs is actually the from the front fender.

This is the Front view...I think I am more than obvious, however i do see room for improvement namely the fronts of the shoulders could see the reflective tape treatment soon. I have Reflective tape on my Helmet Visor, Vest, Knuckles of Gloves, Head tube, Top of Forks, And the Toes of my shoes.. I think I stand out pretty fact I have had 2 different drivers compliment me on my visibility at night. " I could see you from miles away".

So i am taking it easy for a few days and will try those stretches.. if they work i will be back riding 4 out of 5 days a week.


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