Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Commute 2000

Some info about my bike commute to Work.

my Ride is 10km each way, it takes me from east london out past the UWO Campus. I do not have a bicycle computer on my bike, I know my distances from using a program called "Log my run" and also "ride with GPS". My ride is 99.5% on the road with traffic,

I have almost reach a major milestone in my Bike commuting....I am 4 round trip commutes away from 2000 kms so far this year!!!! I have been riding lately rain or shine / warm or cold. With only 76km to go to hit 2000km I feel compelled to keep riding no matter what.

My ride has a few small inclines but nothing too serious. The fastest hill has helped me reach a top speed of 64km/h on my old MTB.

This year I have seen a Police chase, A line up of approx 300 people waiting to get the H1 Shot, Another cyclst pull up at the same intersection as me and foget they were clipped in...TIMBER!!!! they were ok but it was funny as hell.

The craziest thing i have seen is a Head on Collision approx 100ft away from me.

I have had only a few close calls, Most recently an Aboutown bus Pinched me off the road on the first day of the bus strike. Only a few others that almost gave me a "right hook" but I avoided them by paying better attention then they were!

My Bike is a MTB w/Discs Converted to commuter duty, I have added a rear rack, hip pack/handle bar bag, Bell, Light, Rear Blinkie, Front fender from an old 700c bike I found in the garbage, And lots of Reflective tape. I just recently took my 1.5 slicks kwest tires off and put some small knobbied tires that I borrowed from my wifes bike.

I plan on hitting 2000km early next week due to a few days that I have to drive to work. Im not sure what I will do to celebrate.

Thats all for now.


  1. Hey, Skyers! Are you hoping to ride all winter? Have you done it before? Feeling like riding no matter what sucked me into doing it all year a few years ago, and I love it.

    Thanks for following my site, and I look forward to seeing what pops up on yours. A little local content is always nice to see.

  2. Yes Rantwick.
    I plan to ride all winter. I think I am prepared for it as far as clothes go. I will invest in at least a front studded tire as soon as i feel it is needed.
    Your Blog was my inspiration to start my own.
    keep up the good work.